About Us


BackgroundKeith Davis is the CEO for Trillionsconnect. He attended a university that enabled him to gain advanced knowledge in business related areas. Most of his college assignments were centered around writing  essays, full text academic journals, and educational reports that required him to do intensive web research. So he actually became a researcher while obtaining his business degree. He then thought of a creative idea that would support web researcher and web surfers of all type. That was to build a website called TrillionsConnect that would offer a way for people to easily find info. This is an interesting way of how the TrillionsConnect site came into existence. TrillionsConnect also allow all social and business minded people to join the site. TrillionsConnect help organizations to network and make an enormous presence in the world. It also help people build relationships and perfect platform for anyone who to join the site. TrillionsConnect support start-up organizations, existing organization, and technically all types of organizations form a great business identity . TrillionsConnect help businesses win, success, and achieve in a world that’s centered around competition. TrillionsConnect invite professionals, bankers, consulting managers writers, broadcasters, accountants, health experts, managers, marketers, advertisers, sellers, and anyone who want to collaborate. TrillionsConnect encourage people to network, connect with love ones , and connect with friends. TrillionsConnect is an ultimate all in one social networking tool. Members are allowed to receive messages and feedback from their friends and groups. TrillionsConnect is a place where media is shared worldwide. It is structured from millions of applications that allow people to create, exchange information, interests and ideas. As an advantage, it have a built-in tool that provide classified ads relating to real estate, education, careers, and more…. To top it off TrillionsConnect also have a forum that offer valuable and informative content for people in need of feedback, opinions, answers, suggestions, and solutions.



Advanced Member Security

In our modern world technology play a major role in safeguarding thousands of  small and large businesses. Security is the most important aspect of all government and private institutions, corporations in the military, private sectors and individuals. We take safety measures by monitoring our platform 24/7. When monitoring the site we look for anything that may interfere with members successfully using our platform. We make every effort to verify the true identity of each user who register for our site. We also have safeguards in place to prevent bots from accessing our platform. In TrillionsConnect we provide all our members advanced options to select to keep their profile and information protected. To improve member security we have a scanner that quietly run in the background that prevent any trojans, malware, or insecurities from putting the site at risk.  




Our mission is to provide a service where people can communicate and collaborate in a friendly environment. We focus on attracting real people who are serious about networking and gaining a great reputation.    




Professionalism is at the root of TrillionsConnect. We provide a way to help people as individuals in a community find the need for friendship, bonding , networking, and inter-relationships through careers, education, business, etc. a form for disseminating information in the form of ads, jobs and press releases. Our main concern is to maintain professional ethics toward our users. We work hard on  creating connections and protecting your online reputation.